The Facebook Algorithm: Should you really care?

So even if the assumption of the Facebook algorithm or rather the individual user strategy for any platform was off reality, how does it affect the user?
The answer lies in another question that might have been asked in the past, how does Morgan Stanley's flawed VaR model affect the general population... Technically it shouldnt but still a lot if people who never invested in Wallstreet were left homeless
The world today is now more connected and interdependent than ever but the risk  at the lower end of the societal pyramid has never been higher
Yes, bankers lost their jobs... Atleast some of them (most got rehired as soon as the economy stabilized) but the people who lost their houses, their entire livelyhood are still struggling to make ends meet
Hence is the necessity for individual users to spare a thought on the Facebook algorith fallacies. With the external investment (Ad renenues) in such platforms reaching new milestones each year, the bubble just keeps on growing

Facebook: The Algorithm Lies

The greatest Lies ever told were never Myths rather just spectacular Manipulations

The Facebook Algorithm
Every model or strategy derived today is based on the assumption that the world evolves and shapes itself based on how the components of the world react. Simply said all Social platforms are assumed to rank its per user strategy based on the performance of the strategy elements
And based on this assumption everyone follows

Consider a Social network, Facebook
We assume the Newsfeed is based on the statistical performance of posts (Branded + UG) e.g. An existence of a complex algorithm which covers a multi-dimensional view of Views, Reach, Shares, Comments, Likes, ... basically Absolute variables belonging to the platform. But then consider the kind of Information that Facebook generates and collates for each user based on each action that they take (on & off Facebook)
Will it create a Crude strategy for itself? Or rather will it make it so easy for the users?

Imagine a strategy, any strategy, that you could execute if you had Superman's X ray vision... & thats exactly the power that Facebook breathes

What exists is a Algorithm that evolves and adapts for each person thats part of the system, based on Quantum mechanics more than Statistics
And thus is the per user strategy so precise and apt for the user & successful for the platform

Monetising the platform is probably the simplest adaptation of this sort of information & platform

And thus the lie begins

The Beginning... or rather the countdown to the End

We as a species have fought a long hard battle to reach where we are and lived under the Assumption that once you reach the Pinnacle, the fight for Survival ends
But just as every fairy tale the Happy endings never last

What ended the Interspecies fight led to the Intraspecies fight, a struggle to Lead. A fight which has seen battles from the Stone age to the Information age
Nothing but the strategies for this fights have changed and we as free citizens (or not) of the world are mere pawns & not the prize
We shall not hear the battle cries nor see the victory lines, because, we as Mute spectators are what leads the battle, with our Silence & our Ignorance or rather Narcissism 

Just as we are blind to our blindness, we have deceived our instincts to the truth that we are now finding hard to perceive... that theres is no bright light at the end of the tunnel, we just go deep and deep into the Darkness

And thus its said, the road to Hell was paved with good intentions